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Alternatives to Multiculturalism: Why Saying It has Failed is not Enough

Multiculturalism is facing heavy criticism from European governments. Its failures in fostering social integration are well documented. However, it is unclear what we can do to improve the current situation. This article argues that whatever the problems of multiculturalism, we should understand that it cannot merely be discarded: it has to be replaced or upgraded.

The terminology of ‘diversity regimes’ is used to better situate multiculturalism as an idea. The article presents various hybrid models that have appeared in recent decades as part of the efforts to reform multiculturalism. The argument is that, of these, interculturalism, with its focus on intercultural communication, carries the most promise, and that the European People’s Party should play a major role in helping to further develop this concept in the European policy context.

Read the full article by Ábel Ravasz, published by the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies as part of their book „Unity in Adversity – Immigration, Minorities and Religion in Europe“, edited by Vít Novotný.

📙Alternatives to Multiculturalism [ Ábel Ravasz • Vít Novotný ]
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